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We all face challenges and obstacles in life. You have made it. You have shown the courage to help yourself, which is one of the most difficult. Here at Pretty Therapy Services we are dedicated to making this process seamless and supporting you through your difficult times. Pretty Therapy Services consists of a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor in private practice who offers a multitude of services and treatment modalities for issues pertaining to anxiety, communication, grief, depression, family of origin, eating disorders, trauma, men, emotional management, personal and interpersonal growth, self-esteem, relationships, co-dependency, addictive and obsessive-compulsive behaviours, stress management, and so on. Please refer to Services page for exhaustive list of services and therapeutic modalities.

Pretty Therapy Services is inclusive of all people from all walks of life, including those from different sexual orientations, races, classes, socio-economic status, religions, ethnicities, cultures, gender, subcultures, development stage, and so on. You are accepted.


Please let me know your preference for telephonic, in-person, or videoconferencing options.

Clients have the opportunity to meet either telephonically, in person at the office, or via a secure videoconferencing platform called This platform adheres to all PIPEDA and PHIPA standards. You can connect to the platform by using this link:

You can trust Pretty Therapy Services

Everything in our lives are continuously evolving and changing, and these changes have a domino effect on factors and situations in our lives including relationships and our connection to ourselves. Although we are confident that you are more than capable enough to overcome many of life’s challenges and obstacles on your own, Patrick J. Pretty, MA., RP/PA, CCC., at Pretty Therapy Services is here to provide you with the support you need. We are LGBTQ-friendly. Call us today to secure your first step in making betterment changes in your life with a trained, registered Ottawa therapist.

Patrick J. Pretty, MA., RP/PA, CCC. – Adult Therapist

Areas of Specialty: Please see Services page.

Location: 475 Elgin Street, penthouse 3, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2E6

Patrick’s approach to therapy capitalizes on the strengths and abilities of individuals from all walks of life to access internal and external resources for spawning positive changes in life and for self-growth. The client, with the alliance of Patrick, can create solutions for the challenging obstacles that life withholds, and focuses on individuals’ resilience, values, and skills, via compassion, empathy, and sensitive services. The goal is to first attempt to spread your wings, in where your therapist can be there if and when you fall, supporting you until your wings are strong enough to fly on their own. Patrick has great confidence in your capability to do so.

Patrick strives to collaborate with you, and create an atmosphere that is accepting, authentic, warm, genuine, empathetic, caring, and tender-hearted. Patrick will join you in your personal journey to self-actualization as you discover the person that you are. Patrick is currently being supervised by Luc Dumouchel, MA., RP., CCC.  Call today to book your appointment on Patrick’s confidential voicemail or by email. Patrick is currently accepting new clients!

Current student of the Doctor of Counselling and Psychology program at Yorkville University. Graduate of the Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Fully registered with the CRPO and CCPA, and currently a professional member of the, CPA, CCPA and MHPO. Registered psychotherapist in private practice and Bilingual EAP Counsellor by profession, as well as a Residential Counsellor. Graduate of Algonquin College’s Social Service Worker and Victimology programs and Carleton University’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Honours. Have worked as a clinician, case manager, community developer, residential worker, behavioral counsellor, day program leader, victim support worker, sexual heath advisor, and much more.